Richmond Wellbeing provides inclusive, community-based mental health and wellbeing support services across Western Australia.

As people, we all experience distress at times. There is a common misconception that a diagnosis of mental ill-health is a life sentence, but the evidence is clear this is not the case. The important thing is that we can embrace these experiences as part of our personal journey of recovery.

Richmond Wellbeing supports you to grow the confidence and skills needed to meet the challenges of daily life. In our environment promoting total wellbeing, healing and the tools to independence, you can discover and build your vision of a better life. Resolute in our mission to work alongside people, employing leading practice, to support recovery and wellbeing, we’re committed to a community where people are able to recover and live a valued and fulfilling life.

There is no one path to recovery and wellness, and no quick fix, because every person has their own unique experiences and personal challenges. Bringing together different aspects of healthy living, Richmond Wellbeing has been sharing the journey of recovery with people in the WA community for more than 45 years. Offering Residential, Outreach, and NDIS support services, Richmond Wellbeing is here to assist you towards self-empowerment and living well in your community.

Supporting the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Western Australian’s for more than 45 years

We are part of a network of Richmond Fellowship organisations throughout the world; the original founded in Richmond, England in 1959 by Elly Jansen.

Elly believed that people recovering from a mental illness would benefit from living in a supportive community setting, and in 1975 Elly and many members of the Western Australian community established the specialist mental health organisation, the Richmond Fellowship of Western Australia (now Richmond Wellbeing).

For more of our rich history supporting WA’s mental health community, read our full historical publication Share the Journey*

*Available in alternate format upon request.

Our Core Values

Voice of Hope – We believe hope is a cornerstone of recovery and will always speak out for support and social change for people living with mental health challenges.

Service Excellence – We consistently aspire to exceed consumer expectations, pursue opportunities for continuous improvement and quality, and take a proactive approach to seeking, identifying and leveraging current and future opportunities.

Courage and Compassion – We work in a person-centred way, demonstrating empathy, authenticity, honesty, integrity and human kindness in all our relationships with consumers, families, colleagues and the community.

Inclusion and Diversity – We embrace diversity, respect and value people’s differences, and consistently seek to support people to realise their full potential as connected and contributing members in the community.

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