With core values surrounding service excellence, honesty and integrity, Richmond Wellbeing makes every effort to be open and transparent in all our relationships and interactions. To ensure clarity, key reports, plans and publications are available to clients, families, communities and regulatory bodies through our website.

We know people can and do recover to a valued and fulfilling life. In working alongside people, employing leading practice, to support recovery and wellbeing, our Strategic Plan offers guidance and a clear vision over the next three years.

Strategic Plan 2024 – 2028

Strategic Plan 2020 – 2023

Strategic Plan 2020-23

Our previous Strategic Plan

LGBTIQ+ ENRICH Strategy 2020 – 2023

We recognise that the LGBTIQ+ community has experienced stigma and discrimination for a very long time, over many generations. Whilst we are eager to see change and are deeply committed to it, we recognise that such entrenched social injustices and discrimination will never be overcome in a short period of a few years.

Therefore, whilst we strive to see immediate impact, Richmond Wellbeing is also committed to the long term and influencing that change we want to see in our community over generations. We have a long-term approach to social change and are committed to standing side by side with the LGBTIQ+ community over time, through great progress and times of setbacks.

Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

A Reconciliation Action Plan, or RAP, is a plan that documents what an organisation commits to do to contribute to reconciliation in Australia. A Stretch RAP is the third level of plan, focused on implementing longer-term strategies and working towards defined targets and goal, targeting participation, cultural awareness, recruitment, retention and promotion and procurement.

The Richmond Wellbeing 2017-2020 Stretch RAP aims to build on the strong platform we have developed over the past five years, as part of the Looking Forward Project.

Annual Report

Each year we release an Annual Report to the public, sharing our journey throughout the year and giving a glimpse inside what we really do and achieve with people and families in the community.

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