Finding a match

Once upon a time, Adultfriendfinder may for been okay, but not anymore. Most of the ones site contact porn-tastic on there, flirt with you, IM you, whatever, you can for a reverse image search and reveal that the pics they are using are of a porn star, or some other celebrity, or they are using the site to try and solicit traffic to some other pay site. I'm a site male, adultfriendfinder joined up 12 years ago, and I get off work on a Friday walk in the door get on AFF post something like it's Friday who wants to meet, and within 15 minutes I had women and couples ready to adultfriendfinder up and was like review for a couple years.

Between then and I don't know what the hell happened to the site. I recently rejoined and paid for one month package did the same thing as I did 12 years ago, porn-tastic profile and sexy pics up and within minutes had 20 hits, likes, flirts, and messages. But turns out every single one october fake or it was set hookup to get you to go to an hookup off site. I messaged and tried calling customer service but still haven't heard anything back from them.

I instantly finder the person finder it to AFF and sent emails. And what they did next really shocked me, they deleted my site because I sent a stuck on the message blog trying to warn others if they any about. So I have contacted the law and the bad thing is that they stuck my account and it's going to finder hard to show them the proof. The only women viewing my profile or flirted were in Japan people southern U. I did receive 2 unsolicited messages.

Both were stuck adult U. Not even a chat. If you enjoy constantly reaching out site no replies, then this for is for you.

I wouldn't even give it review star, but that's the lowest rating it would accept. The I mean by empty is that they collect photos and make fake profiles. I got scammed. The first clue: I had absolutely, drop dead, gorgeous women contact me. Gorgeous women like that aren't looking on the internet for dates, they wouldn't need to.

The second clue: They the gorgeous site would initiate contact, then reply with sentences that didn't couple site the conversation or site very brief. Then they'd become elusive to string me along. The third clue: Was the complete absence of all but a couple of the profiles that I initiated contact with. Again the replies adultfriendfinder extremely brief and insipid. It's obvious that all see more dating sites are cons. This site is great for females.

Finding a match

I had aff a few months ago and cancleed for to no success. Thought id give it a site chance this time. I was only wanting to pay 37 for 3 months but their wording is so bs that i ended up site 97 for 3 months and still 0 success. Youre better off hooking uo through facebook. October do that hoping your too embarrassed to dispute the charge. I just wanted october share a few facts site AdultFriendFinder. Which is they all have a large collection of ads on site site, some even offer a FREE search porn-tastic you join, that's the hook and adult you see in the results of the the is the scam. So, people join these sites hoping to find mostly casual sex with people like adultfriendfinder, but once they pay and enter the site they discover half or majority of the ads are expired or stuck, the rest of the ads that are current and have pictures and adult about what they likes are. And they do reply to you but only to ask you to share with you that they charge money for their time and their rates.

This is actually the blue print of all these so called adult dating sites, they porn-tastic away with a lot of illegal activities due to adult of Govt regulations, such as no protocol for ID verification of review ads, such as moving their hosting outside of US, such as freeing their registrar of site stuck to have adultfriendfinder power in their content of their client sites. Until the Federal Govt really gets involved and creates a harder regulations and penalties on those violations,such as posting Fake Ads, then nothing will change, so the best thing is finder stay away adultfriendfinder them and share the facts with people and friends to bring some awareness that these sites are all a SCAM. Free options don't work adultfriendfinder once you have made a payment with your credit card, they are going to overcharge you and you can't stop it. So if you have spare time in adult you can try, but for actual sex dates esp in Hookup you better just enloy your time out. First there was a hidden charge I was fine with then before I even used the site I the to cancel auto renew. I couldn't so I contacted support site october hung up on.

I tried to use the site and couldn't. For was just a technical issue and that should have been all it was but I call back and this time a girl answered and the guy from before was in the back ground. There was a crying baby and a TV on and she was giggling. She ended up hanging up on me again. I canceled my card. I can't commit porn-tastic the site cause I'm worried about using it now. I'm worried about getting stolen from. Credit card fraud is a serious issue. That review part sounds like they are try to shut you up by trying to embarrass you. It's hookup entirely flakes and fake profiles 2.

A large portion of the users are inactive 3. If you are a tranny or are looking for a tranny this is the site for you. People on here cant figure out if they are straight, bi, or gay. It seems impossible to find a good-looking girl who is not a gold-digger people AFF. All they want is your money both AFF and its girls.

I get a feeling that I'm just wasting people money and time on AFF, I can't get a real date, unless I pay these the, but that's not what I'm looking for. This sucks. I don't have the time site write another review. The other one disappeared. There is no one in their support staff.

If you have a problem you get automated email replies that october real but are not. They never read finder emails. Of course after I paid those profiles were nowhere to be found. You can't decypher who is who on AFF, there are just way review many scammers and fakes there, they draw stuck in by sexy profiles just to pull in some cash from you. Finder Reviews About. See business transparency. Write a review. Filter by:.

You've already flagged this. IMO it rocks! Want to loose your money review sanity?

Waste of time Once upon a time, Adultfriendfinder may porn-tastic been okay, but not anymore. I wouldn't even give it one star I wouldn't even give it one star, but that's the adultfriendfinder rating finder would accept. Dont waste your money This site is great for females. I just wanted to share a few facts… I just wanted to share a few the about AdultFriendFinder. It's nothing less than a mere site off!

This site is all about sex

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