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Reflecting on a year of change & celebration annual Report 2017

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CEO & Chair’s report

2016/17 has been a year of considered reform and development for Richmond Wellbeing as we have sought to reposition the organisation for the benefit of our clients, the community and employees in a rapidly changing operating environment.

Vicki Taylor, Chair of the Board. Neil Guard, CEO.

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In February 2017, we launched a new Strategic Plan for 2017 to 2019 that sets an ambitious objective to be the mental health provider of choice for both consumers and employees. It also outlines an agenda that will steer our efforts and priorities over the next three years.

The development of the Plan was a highly collaborative process involving significant input from the Board, executive and staff members, and also from many consumers, families and external stakeholders. The outcome is a Plan that sets three clear strategic priorities for Richmond Wellbeing:

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Following completion of the Plan, the Board undertook a comprehensive review of the skills it would require to lead and assist with its implementation in the period ahead. As a result, in May 2017 Richmond Wellbeing welcomed Anthea McGuigan, Dr Roslyn Carbon, Stephen Langsford and Kerry Milne to the Board, who between them bring additional clinical experience and expertise in areas such as ICT, marketing and PR.

At around the same time the Board farewelled two longstanding members, Eric Baines and Peter Carden, who earlier in the year had signalled their intention to step down from the Board once the recruitment process was completed. Eric and Peter served as members of the Board for more than eight and 13 years respectively, while Eric also served as Chair from 2012 to 2016. Together with Monica Holmes, who stepped down from the Board at the AGM in October 2016, we thank them for the outstanding strategic guidance they provided as Board and Committee members.

We have had much to celebrate during the year, with many significant achievements closely aligned to our strategic plan. Examples are covered in detail elsewhere in this Annual Report, but include:

This is just a snapshot of some of our successes over the past year and we are understandably proud of these, along with our many other achievements. At the same time, we have continued to focus on embedding our identified enablers of success, including our people, capability and culture; financial strength; quality systems and processes, brand and marketing. We are pleased with the progress we are making in these areas.

In closing, it is important to acknowledge all of our talented and dedicated employees, without whose contribution and commitment none of our achievements this year would have been possible.

Sincere thanks also to our Richmond Wellbeing Board members for their ongoing dedication and support, and to our Consumer and Family Reference Group for their guidance and enthusiasm to improve the services for our consumers, their families and their supporters.

We continue to be genuinely excited about the journey ahead and sharing it with you. Guided by our Strategic Plan, Richmond Wellbeing will be striving to increase its impact and improve the outcomes for all those who access its services. We are always aiming to achieve our vision of a community where people are able to recover and live a valued and fulfilling life.

Vicki Taylor, Chair of the Board

Neil Guard, CEO


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