Breakout Session 1

Mechelle Turvey
WA’s Australian of the Year and Assistant Director, Community Liaison Unit WA Police Unit WA Police Force

In 2022, Mechelle Turvey’s 15-year-old son, Cassius Turvey, was assaulted coming home from school. Tragically, the Noongar Yamatji schoolboy died of his injuries 10 days later. Cassius’ death sparked a national day of action across Australia, with rallies and vigils...
Andrea Creado
ISHAR Multicultural Women’s Health Services CEO

With extensive experience and a master’s in human development, Andrea leads Ishar's visionary journey. From volunteer to CEO since 2006, she's adept at strategic leadership, community health, and policy development. Her commitment to empowering CaLD communities resonates with her work's...
Dr. Bruce Robinson
The Fathering Project

A respected respiratory physician who trailblazed a vision to help redefine the way we as a community now view our fathers and father figures. Dr. Robinson brings insights into fostering mental resilience and well-being in men. 2024 marks the 11th...
James Wild and Professor Peter McEvoy
Men’s Shed Community Groups

James Wild In November 2019, Men’s Sheds of WA welcomed its new CEO James Wild. James joins us with a deep understanding of how Men’s Sheds can continue to grow over the coming years. James has many years of experience...

Breakout Session 2

Moorditj Koort Aboriginal Corporation

Stephen Morrison and David Tucker
Hope- Research and Evaluation Lead & Hope-Aboriginal Cultural Practice and Capability Manager

Breakout : Goldfields Suicide Prevention Project
Chris Haydock
Community Health & Partnerships Officer

Sports play a vital role in promoting and maintaining positive mental health. Chris will talk through WA Cricket’s partnership with Healthway promoting the Think Mental Health campaign. This includes current health promotion approaches, relevant milestones so far, and future objectives...
Jasmine Cappellucci
True Sport Manager- SportWest

Jasmine has over 15 years’ experience in the sport and recreation industry in WA, most notably with the Perth Wildcats and West Coast Eagles leading high-performing commercial and marketing teams. Jasmine holds a post-graduate degree in business management and is...

Breakout Session 3

Jo Lockhart

Will have by the 29th of April
Lockie Cook & Ben Lawrence
IYARN Co-Founders

Lockie Cooke Lockie Cooke is co-founder of IYARN, which is a health and wellbeing software platform. IYARN facilitates safe spaces for people to come together to have meaningful conversations, and works with businesses, Schools & NFP’s promoting mentally friendly workplaces....
Jarrod Kayler-Thompson
Growth Hunting Company Director

Bio - After 15 years in the education industry, Jarrod started his own business, The Growth Hunting Company, in 2024. Growth Hunting aims to empower people of all ages to develop the best versions of themselves. Breakout session - Jarrod will...
Jo Drayton
Co-designing a male community champion campaigns campaign


Breakout Session 4

Graham Lovelock
Director and Principal Consultant

Topic: Advancing Mental Wellbeing: In the LGBTIQ+ Community
Len Yarran, Albert McNamara, Peter Wilkes and Ken Wyatt

Jackson Mason-Stephens and Wayne Adams

The GenConnect Program: Connecting youth and senior men through mental health content Through GenConnect, senior men have passed down invaluable life lessons, skills, and perspectives, while young men have offered fresh ideas, enthusiasm, and technological proficiency. Together, they formed a...
Damien Tapley

Damian is locally born and bred, but spent two decades overseas making friends with people from across the globe. He loves getting to know people, bridge culture, and build community. He spends far too much of his week playing, coaching...

Breakout Session 5

Christopher Hipwood

Alastair Mackenzie
Buddiup Founder and Managing Director

Alastair is the founder and managing director of Buddiup. Buddiup exists to help men with intellectual and learning disability develop healthy lives and social connections through group-based health & wellbeing programs. The focus of today’s breakout session is to highlight...
Cameron Watkins
Sports Physiotherapists

Cameron Watkins is a Sports physiotherapist with over 10 years of experience in the field. Topic: This presentation explores the interaction between mental health issues such as stress, anxiety and depression on an individual’s pain experience.
Chris Harriss
Head of Wellbeing Mineral Recourse's

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