Richmond Wellbeing CEO Adrian Munro presented a talk at Curtin University last week on how the Community Services Sector can improve the cultural safety of their services for the CaLD community.

The presentation proposed that the first step to improve the inclusivity of services is to reduce the barriers that deny the CaLD community access. Once these barriers were removed, the next step was to establish a space where the CaLD community felt safe, welcomed and supported by the staff across the service.

Adrian expanded on these essential steps with examples from Richmond Wellbeing’s own journey to improving services for the CaLD community and the goals Richmond had set for itself.

Adrian concluded his presentation in expressing how the changes to services were also needed in the broader community. That is, there was a need to break down barriers, welcome the diverse members of the CaLD Community and support them to feel safe. On behalf of Richmond Wellbeing, he expressed his gratitude in being able to work with Professor Piyush Sharma and the team from Curtin University and thanked them for their expertise and valuable perspective.

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