The MH Connext Face to Face care program provides personalised mental health support, with the aim to make a difference to those who are experiencing severe and complex mental health issues, residing within the community.

Our registered Mental Health Connext team are highly qualified and are dedicated to providing supportive services, with a recovery focused approach.

By linking in with your GP and using our skills, expertise, empathetic approach, and networks, our team is able to provide individuals with support and guidance to assist them to develop a meaningful life; including an experienced Aboriginal mental health practitioner who ensures culturally appropriate services are offered.

Our team draws on various techniques including psychological therapies, therapeutic relationships and compassionate care management; and are able to support people with their psychiatric medication plan.

Our program provides a short-term support service tailored to your needs, that typically involves a review of your personal circumstances, providing emotional and psychological help while connecting you with local support services in a timely way.

With the full suite of Richmond Wellbeing services, your care practitioner can assist you to access services such as:

  • Housing and accommodation support
  • Culturally appropriate services
  • At home support
  • Community groups
What is the Cost?

This program is free for patients 18 years and over with a Mental Health Treatment Plan.

What is Care Management?

Care management is a way of supporting your high-level needs, by providing a consistent point of contact to support services. Once you are referred to the program, a regular care practitioner will keep you well informed, motivated and committed to your mental health plan and agreed goals.

How does it work?

MH Connext acts as a bridge between the GP and other mental health services, providing intensive care management and connections to other treatment options and services.

How can I be referred?

To access this service, you must be referred by your GP. The program is only available in the Perth Metropolitan area.

Referral forms can be downloaded from the WAPHA website or you can download our e-fillable PDF version below.

GP’s in the Perth metropolitan area can refer those experiencing severe and complex mental illness to care management services. Following a referral, MH Connext Face to Face care practitioner will contact you directly to conduct an initial assessment or will contact your GP to discuss.

To refer people to MH Connext face-to-face care management please sign and submit the completed form via fax to (08) 9258 3090 or email it to

Interested in MH Connext?

If you would like to discuss any aspects of the referral process, you can phone (08) 9350 8800 or email

Download a copy of the MH Connext brochure HERE

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