There is often a distinction made between mind and body, but developments and studies in recent years have proven the connection between mental and physical health. Over 40 years of leadership and expertise in mental health recovery puts Richmond Wellbeing at the forefront of recovery advancements and innovations. Backed by research and on-the-ground experience, we promote a total wellbeing approach to recovery which incorporates all aspects of wellness and healthy living.

Exercise Physiology

Exercise is a key pillar in achieving and maintaining positive mental health, as well as physical health. Exercise physiology provides a range of treatment services for the improvement and maintenance of health, fitness and rehabilitation.

Exercise Physiology can help treat and manage a broad range of conditions, from obesity, diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, depression, cerebral palsy, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, and more.

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With regular exercise you will see a whole range of benefits and improvements, including:

  • Maintain ability to do daily tasks as well as master new skills
  • Better sleep quality
  • More energy and less fatigue
  • Mood, anxiety and stress
  • Attention and concentration
  • Overall improvement in your general fitness and health

Our resident Exercise Physiologist will work with you to reach your personal fitness and physical health goals through a variety of activities, such as personalized nutrition and exercise programs, one-on-one personal training and exercise strategies to assist with pain. We will support you to make positive lifestyle choices, keep motivated and achieve your goals.

Meet a healthier you and reach a whole new level in your journey of recovery. These supports are a natural extension of our core services, and available for free to Richmond Wellbeing clients or under the NDIS.

Talk to your Richmond Wellbeing support worker for more information.

Meet a healthier you and reach a whole new level in your journey of recovery.

Health Education

Health is a resource for everyday life, not the objective of living. In striving towards overall wellbeing, people should be able to identify and to realize their aspirations, to satisfy needs, and to change or cope with their environment. As such, learning about health and the different aspects of healthy living enables people to increase control over and to improve their personal health.

Our Health Promotion Officer works with Richmond Wellbeing staff and clients to develop health-positive programs and strengthen skills and capabilities to take ownership of their health and lifestyle choices.
Available for free to Richmond Wellbeing clients, recent activities have included:

  • Working towards smoke-free sites. With our commitment to providing a healthy environment, we offer support for staff and clients who want to quit smoking
  • ‘Food Sensations’, a 4-week hands-on nutrition and cooking experience
  • An interactive workshop on ‘Walk Away from Diabetes’, a program for Type 2 Diabetes

Speak to your Richmond Wellbeing support worker today about what programs and activities we have coming up.

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Interested in one of our wellbeing services?

These supports are a natural extension to service, and available for free to Richmond Wellbeing clients or through an NDIS plan.

See your Richmond Wellbeing support worker, or contact us about accessing one of our Wellbeing Services.

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