The training is aimed at enhancing the skills of professional people who work with members experiencing the negative impacts of hearing voices. Working with Voices for Professionals drills down into the Hearing Voices Approach in practice, specifically focusing on the practical aspects of working actively with the voices. This is a skills-oriented session designed to build both understanding and confidence in the doing of the work itself.

Ample opportunity is given to explaining, demonstrating, practising, questioning and debriefing the techniques presented and there is flexibility to concentrate on specific areas of interest and relevance to the group participants/ their sponsoring organisation.

Program Outcomes
This program will enable attendees to:
1. Have the foundations to support a person to make sense of their voices
2. Use specific tools including voice profiling matrix, voices relationship mapping tool and the Maastricht Interview / Questionnaire
3. Use the Voice Dialogue method for engaging and working with voices.

Suitable Audience
This program is suitable for

  • Mental health professionals, clinicians, psychologists
  • People with lived experience
  • NDIS / mental health service providers

October 31 @ 09:00


– 16:30

(7h 30′)

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