People related challenges at home and at work can really test us out, some situations are so tough that we simply want to get away. Responding to Behaviours of Concern looks to provide you with tools and knowledge to deal effectively with many of these circumstances. This one-day session uses theoretical and practical approaches to improve our understanding of ourselves and others, allowing us to find useful ways of dealing with difficult situations. The training allows time to workshop actual examples and discuss power relationships, and holding and working with emotion. We learn that difficult situations can be great learning opportunities with the capacity to be used to potentially cement relationships rather than tear them apart. This training is relevant for everyone and is especially helpful in any environment where we are working with others.

Program Outcomes
This program will enable attendees to:
1. Explore the notion of ‘behaviours of concern’ (challenging behaviour)
2. Analyse the influences of our perception
3. Deepen their understanding of the function of ‘behaviours of concern’ and develop strategies for responding to them
4. Apply the learnings, using diverse skills (listening, communicating and reflecting) to enable de-escalation within self and others

Suitable Audience
This program is suitable for

  • Mental health workers and other professionals
  • People with lived experience, their families, carers & friends
  • People with a genuine interest in this topic

November 7 @ 09:00


– 16:30

(7h 30′)

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