The staff at Richmond Wellbeing are committed to creating a safe and comfortable environment for all staff and consumers. Richmond Wellbeing provides the same level of access to services and the same quality of services to all cultural and linguistic groups, including, but not limited to, Aboriginal people, culturally and linguistically diverse communities, age-diverse, and people of diverse sexualities and gender identities.

Acknowledging diversity means recognising our individual differences. Making Richmond Wellbeing services and employment opportunities as accessible as possible to all people benefits those individuals accessing support, and those employed by the organisation. An organisation’s understanding of and accounting for diversity deepens its capacity to recognise and respond better to multiple levels of diversity in the community, and to support the development of cultural competence.

Every interaction is a cultural interaction and resilience, recovery and well-being are deeply cultural concepts. Using evidence-based practices, our diversity and inclusiveness approach helps us to leverage cultural proficiency to create a place where people are seen and can proudly see themselves as consumers, staff, and as community members. Richmond Wellbeing strives to value the uniqueness of individuals who may vary in many different ways, including race, ethnicity, culture, national origin, social class, gender, age, religious belief, sexual identity and mental physical ability.

Richmond Wellbeing greatly values the experience and knowledge of employees who identify as being from diverse backgrounds and recognises that when representatives from these groups participate in service planning and decision-making, they can make a valuable contribution to guiding Richmond Wellbeing’s future direction. In addition, diversity will be embedded into relevant organisational policies and the participation from diverse groups will enhance the development and implementation of policies and programs that will be best suited to meeting people’s recovery needs. In demonstration of our commitment to diversity, RW has instated a Diversity Advisory Group.

Read our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) for 2017-2020.

See Resources for more information for diverse communities.

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