After submitting an abstract for the WAMH Conference the Hearing Voices Network of Western Australia (HVNWA) was asked to present a hands on workshop on Friday 14th July 2017 at the Perth Concert Hall.

The aim of the workshop was to raise awareness of the experience of hearing voices which are a common occurrence but is not frequently discussed.  The workshop was well represented with around 35 participants coming to listen to a short information session around Hearing Voices and participate in the workshop.

Utilising Mp3 players preloaded with negative voices the audience was asked to attempt a number of different tasks whilst wearing the voice simulators:

  • sorting items alphabetically
  • following colour codes instructions to create patterns
  • participate in playing an electronic game
  • completing questionnaires requiring a small amount of thought,

The workshop highlighted the resilience and bravery of voice hearers everywhere as more and more participants displayed a range of emotions from high levels of frustration, lack of ability to concentrate and even distress. Staff from HVNWA were on hand to supervise the workshop and talk people through the different activities and then to debrief with participants on completion of the tasks.

The workshop provided people with the opportunity to learn more about supports and services available through the HVNWA and Richmond Wellbeing as well as creating a platform for building future relationships with voice hearers their family/carers clinical personnel or other interested parties

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