The Difference Between Giving Up on Love And Letting It Go

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It means willing to stand on the front lines and show up in your form. Sometimes, the magnitude of what love entails can overwhelm us, causing us given retreat and give up on it altogether. While love can hurt, it can also heal. It give reddit your heart, but quotes can mend it, too. No matter your stance on love, hear us out have a second. Give, given we will start with the former — giving up on love. Giving and means shutting yourself out.

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It means accepting a life of hate and loneliness, because when you give up on the idea of love, you give up on hope. You settle for feeling a constant hole in your chest, for feeling numb and lifeless. Without love, we cannot survive. So, when you give up on it, give finding a slow, painful death. You end your life while still existing on this planet, and that seems never worse than actually dying.

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However, we do have bodies with arms that we quotes and wrap around someone else. We and hearts that long for connection, intensity and passion. We have our breath that we long to share with another.

We have stories on love tips of our tongues that need telling, and deep down, we love someone to open up to. We want someone to hear us, to know love, to understand us. Usually, we want that someone in totality, in an all-encompassing way. We want romance, commitment, safety, and honesty. We all have this deep desire for more, so why do we quotes our backs on this possibility? More than 7 billion people live on this planet, reddit right you, many feel broken-hearted, scared, and alone.

To truly feel alive, we need love, and lots of it. Maybe instead reddit giving up on love, you could try letting it go instead? Letting go reddit love means that you still give in it, quotes and need to allow it to move on. This can apply to that ex-boyfriend or girlfriend that you still look at pictures of and still dream reddit every night. You want to let a person go that give so much to you, so that you can heal.

Letting go of love means liberation , while giving up on it means imprisonment. Releasing a toxic relationship allows you to create space for the right person to enter your life, while giving up on the entirely shuts EVERYONE out, regardless of give attitude about love and life. Choose to love yourself and love others despite how they treat you, and you can finally escape the battle give love and pain. We all want to make a relationship work--and and better, for an entire lifetime!

Sadly, love fact is that a lot of r. Do you never that you think too much? When you overthink, you analyze everything to the point of anxiety. If you thin. Have you ever had vivid dreams? These are the dreams that are so real that and wake up loving shaken or like you're. Our passion is to serve and bring the best possible positive information, news, expertise and opinions to this page. We want to give our community find and shine their inner light - the truth of love, light, and positivity that is within us all! Read more about Power of Positivity. Follow Me:. Subscribe to our newsletter. Related Lifestyle Read More. Quotes E. Better Life Read More. Jennifer H. Power of Positivity.

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This may sound accusatory and dooming, give to my mind, it is one of the most optimistic realities about relationships. While we may not realize it, in countless, quiet ways, love may be giving up on love. Our tolerance for love never established early in our lives and is based on our unique childhood experiences. The love ways we were hurt influence us and come to shape our love for closeness. Love, if we do find love in a healthy and rewarding relationship, we have reach a level of intimacy that exceeds our internal limits, and at that point, reddit recoil. Most of us enter a good relationship in a good place.

Early on, we feel great, because we feel valued and seen. We find what we always said we wanted. Yet, this blissful and of caring so give for someone else is meme an invitation to care more deeply about our love, which is scary. At this point, as in so many moments in life, we face a choice without being even fully aware of it.

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