Are you going through a tough time at the moment? Feel like no one else can understand? The truth is it happens to a lot of us, and we can all experience good days and bad days.

15.8% of Australians aged between 16 to 25 have suffered psychological distress, with 3 in 4 adults experiencing mental health conditions by age 24. So if you’re feeling sad, worried, lonely or that something just isn’t right know there is something you can do about it. The most important thing to understand is that you are not alone.

What can I do?

Start by talking to someone you trust, surround yourself with supportive people and ask for help. Once conversations start, they can put you on a journey to feeling better and dealing with every day challenges.

It might seem hard at first but a good place to start is a doctor or school counsellor. Work with them to find out more about why you might be feeling this way and to work out the best way forward.

What are my next steps?

This will look different for everyone, as it is about finding the right support for you;

  • Speak to your GP about a Mental Health Care Plan and how that might support you.
  • Do you also have a physical disability? Learn how an NDIS (The National Disability Insurance Scheme) plan may be more suitable for your needs?
  • Hearing voices and want to understand more? Hearing Voices can provide you with a peer support group, to hear from others in similar situations and allow you to share your feelings.
  • Require assistance on hand, and a support program in a safe environment? Then perhaps supported accommodation is best for you.

At Richmond we work with those who are living with persistent mental stresses across a range of services. Our aim is to work with you to provide the best support based on your life goals and needs.

Speak to your GP or Contact us today and find out what support service might be right for you.

Richmond Wellbeing has zero tolerance for child abuse, violence, neglect and exploitation, and is committed to the safety and well-being of all young people.

Walking Alongside Robbie on the NDIS
Walking Alongside Robbie on the NDIS

Hear about Robbie, now 16 years old, he was born with global mental development delay. Under his personalised NDIS plan, Robbie now receives respite every week and is involved at his school and participates in activities.

Start a journey of recovery

Here at Richmond Wellbeing, our approach to support is based on you and your needs. When you’re ready to start your journey of recovery, contact our friendly team and we’ll help find the right support for you.

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