Being human can be hard sometimes and mental health challenges are more common than you might think. At least 45% of us will experience mental ill health during our lives; chances are you or someone you know will experience mental health challenges at some point. Events can get us down and relationships can take a toll. When feeling of sadness, constant stress or confusing health symptoms stop you from enjoying life and the things your normally do, don’t just ignore it and hope it gets better – help is available.

While women are more likely to experience anxiety disorders (18% compared with 11%), men are more than twice as likely to have substance abuse disorders (7% compared with 3.3%) and account for 75% of deaths by suicide It’s important to remember that people can and do recover a good life.

How do I know if I have mental health challenges?

Recognising when something is wrong is an important part of caring for yourself and helps you take charge of your mental health and wellbeing. When something just seems off, or your thoughts, feeling or behaviour feel extra challenging, don’t ignore it. Acknowledging something isn’t right is the first step towards recovery.


What do I do now? It’s easier than you think

You might think that it’s weak to admit that you’re going through a tough time, but if you have a mental health condition you can’t just ‘snap out of it’. There’s more to it than that. 20% of Australian adults are affected by mental health issues every year, so you are not alone.

Start by talking to someone you trust – discuss your situation with a friend, partner, family member or a colleague. Your doctor is also a good source of information and can help you work out your next step.

What else?

A recent development in support services is the NDIS, a new scheme that offers funding and customised supports to people with some mental health conditions or physical disabilities that are enduring. The NDIS works with individuals, their families and carers to develop a personalised plan of support services. Get the supports you need to live the life you want.

You can also access a community service to help you better support your needs. For some people, medication, the hearing voices network or supported accommodation, where assistance can be on-hand when and as you need it, might also be a part of their recovery.

Start a journey of recovery

Here at Richmond Wellbeing, our approach to support is based on you and your needs. When you’re ready to start your journey of recovery, contact our friendly team and we’ll help find the right support for you.

National Disability Insurance Scheme
National Disability Insurance Scheme

The National Disability Insurance Scheme, or NDIS, provides fully funded and customised support for people living with a mental health condition or a physical impairment that is enduring.

Recovery House
Recovery House

Recovery House is a unique and contemporary service. We offer a 15-week intensive program, enabling participants to understand and master their experience through personal development and self-discovery.

Community Events
Community Events

Find a community event near you. All our events are safe and supportive of cultural and social groups, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, the LGBTI community and people from different cultures.

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