With 45% of Australians experiencing mental ill health at some time in their life, chances are you or someone you work with is impacted by mental distress. Extensive research into Australian organisations has proven an increase in productivity and profitability in workplaces that are mentally healthy and supportive. They have also seen a marked reduction in errors, accidents and absenteeism, which in turn boost employee morale and overall wellbeing.

  • 4 million Australians are affected by complex mental ill health
  • 25% of workers take time off for stress
  • Workers with psychological distress have 154% less productivity
  • 74% of people with mental ill health experience stigma
  • Untreated mental health conditions cost Australian employers $10.9 billion every year

Even more benefits

A mentally healthy workplace is valued by employees. A proactive approach to mental health improves employee satisfaction and retention and builds your reputation as an employer of choice. PWC research shows $2.30 is the average return on investment for every $1 invested in creating a mentally healthy workplace. By taking the initiative, you’ll not only make your company a better place to work, you can help make it more productive and profitable. And that’s just good business.

Build your Workplace Wellness

In Australia we live and work among people of different cultures and backgrounds. This is an important factor in both mental health and creating a supportive workplace environment. If any of your consumers, clients or employees are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people, you should consider cultural awareness training for your organisation.For a truly mentally health and supportive workplace, your managers and employees need to understand the experiences of people living with mental ill health, their needs and the impact of positive working environments on the recovery process. A happy workplace makes for motivated employees and a healthy bottom line. View our upcoming corporate training.

Corporate Conference Facilities

If you’re looking for a professional venue for your next meeting, conference or corporate event, the Richmond Wellbeing Centre is now available. This state of the art venue features modern interiors and full AV equipment. This versatile event space caters from 6 to 140 people, with flexible room set-ups to accommodate your every need. See our Conference Facilities for more details or Contact us to confirm your event date.

Face-to-face vs Online training
Face-to-face vs Online training

Organisations that want to encourage further education for their staff are often faced with a difficult decision – commit their budget to physical, face-to-face training or invest in online courses? Find out which is right for you.

Mental Health Training
Mental Health Training

Develop your skills and knowledge in mental health recovery. Courses range from introduction sessions to professional development and customised organisational training. Find a course today.

Conference Facilities
Conference Facilities

Conveniently located off Albany Hwy, the Richmond Wellbeing Centre offers modern, high-end facilities to accommodate your every need, including audiovisual, flexible room setups and a range of catering options.

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