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An key development in mental health has been the roll-out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, or NDIS, into areas of WA. This roll-out is scheduled to continue across the state, and as a healthcare provider, you need to know how the NDIS can assist and benefit the lives of your clients, along with their families and carers.

Community Support

As a service provider, what do I need to know about the NDIS?

The NDIS provides fully funded and customised support for people living with a mental health condition or a physical impairment that is enduring. The NDIS will ensure every Australian aged 0-65 with an eligible disability is given fair and equitable access to funding and services. Health care and service providers can assist people to learn about the NDIS and refer them to NDIS service providers for further support and assistance with the NDIS.

Experts in Mental Health Recovery and the NDIS

With over 40 years’ experience in recovery and mental health support, Richmond Wellbeing offer personalised support services which are culturally and socially safe. These include Community Services, Supported Accommodation and the Hearing Voices Network of WA. As a leader in NDIS service provider support, Richmond Wellbeing has delivered specialised NDIS training in all states and territories. With our thorough understanding and experience in both recovery and the NDIS, we are perfectly equipped to support your client under the National NDIS or WA NDIS. Give every Australian the opportunity to recover a good life.

Referrals and Applications

Referrals to Richmond Wellbeing services are simple and straight forward. Referrals can be made by anybody, including case managers, mental health service providers, social services and other health providers.

Once a referral is received, Richmond Wellbeing will contact the referring case manager within 5 working days, to will let you know if, on initial assessment, your client’s application matches Richmond Wellbeing criteria. We will then arrange an interview with the person seeking a service. Shortly after we will contact the case manager to discuss the outcome of the referral.

If you have a client looking for mental health supports or NDIS services, refer them to Richmond Wellbeing today.

Refer a Client
Refer a Client

It’s easy to refer a client to Richmond Wellbeing. We offer services across the full spectrum of mental health supports. Download a referral form and assist your client on their journey of recovery today.

Face-to-face vs Online training
Face-to-face vs Online training

Organisations that want to encourage further education for their staff are often faced with a difficult decision – commit their budget to physical, face-to-face training or invest in online courses? Find out which is right for you.

Mental Health Training
Mental Health Training

Develop your skills and knowledge in mental health recovery. Courses range from introduction sessions to professional development and customised organisational training. Find a course today.

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