The words ‘mandatory training’ aren’t likely to make your staff jump for joy. Usually, it means they’re about to spend a few hours watching a PowerPoint presentation.

Learning is mentally taxing. When the training is mandatory, it requires extra focus and is more exhausting. Richmond Wellbeing are experts at making mandatory training more exciting and engaging. We’ve collected our top tips to help you below.

1. Condense the course
If your course takes a three-hour block of time to complete you can make it more engaging by breaking that up into shorter modules. Nine 20 minute modules that can be completed in the course of two weeks will be more engaging and impactful than trying to cram it all in at once.

2. Give your course context
Your staff will find mandatory training more interesting if you can show them how it will be relevant. If the training is about customer service, then you need to give different staff different context to show its relevancy. For front line staff, it will help them provide better customer service. For management, it will help them recognise good customer service so that they are better able to reward it.

3. Use comprehension exercises
One of the best ways to teach a topic is by encouraging participants to explain a concept in their own words. These comprehension exercises are invaluable in mandatory training because they encourage everyone to get involved and share their own perspective. Your staff will find learning from each other much more exciting that rote learning from a PowerPoint presentation!

4. Add interactive elements
Simple interactive components will make your mandatory training so much more interesting. Why not develop a basic role-play? Your staff can showcase their understanding of the topic in a way that also gets them moving around and engaging with one another. A great way to get them through the course!

5. Incentivise your training
Rewarding your staff for going through the training is a great way to keep them focused. It doesn’t need to be a big reward, consider a badge or certificate on completion. This offers tangible proof that they have finished the course and makes it feel more like an achievement.

6. Offer a fast track
This isn’t always possible with mandatory training, so be sure to check beforehand. Offer a test that will give staff full credit if they pass. This lets people who have already undergone similar training skip it and frees up space for people who need to go through the course.

7. Evolve your content
If staff think the course is outdated, they won’t pay attention to any of it. Ensure you have their complete attention by keeping your course up-to-date with the latest information. It’s more exciting to learn something new than re-tread old ground after all.

Richmond Wellbeing have a track record of excellence in providing mandatory training to workplaces across Western Australia.
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