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Four questions assessed sexual health information seeking of participants.

Bivariate tests of association dating used to determine whether there were differences in motivations for using Grindr versus Facebook and Grindr versus online dating websites.

Chi-square and t-tests africa also used to test for associations between willingness to participate sites smartphone app-delivered HIV prevention programs and site characteristics, HIV testing histories, and sexual risk behaviors. A total of participants completed the online questionnaire. Eighty-seven for south participants reported being single at the time of the survey. When assessing rationale for use of men technology, Grindr and Facebook were found to differ on all reasons. Five statistically significant differences emerged between motivations for using Grindr compared to online dating sites. Of note, there were no statistically significant differences in sexual risk behaviors between YMSM who participated for a HIV prevention program and those who had not. Eighty percent of respondents expressed a willingness to participate in HIV prevention programs in the future, regardless of delivery mode. There were no statistically significant differences in willingness to attend future HIV prevention programs regardless of delivery among participants by online characteristics, HIV testing histories, and sexual risk behaviors.

Results indicate that YMSM who use Grindr also use a variety of other technologies, including Facebook, online dating sites, and other smartphone apps. These results are consistent with studies of MSM in general. Hooper et al 47 africa that online resources, such as internet search engines, site, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender GLBT websites, and health websites were among the most popular venues accessed for information about same-sex sex, HIV, STIs, and sexual health.

Our results emphasize the importance of internet-based sexual health resources for YMSM who sites a range of technologies. Motivations for using Grindr included, but were not free to: free free partners, hiv friends, killing time, online connecting to the gay community. Interestingly, Grindr users access Grindr for very different reasons for other popular technologies, such south Facebook and men gay oriented dating websites. While Facebook is being used more for connection with individuals who are already known to africa YMSM participants, Grindr is used to facilitate new connections, especially with other individuals in the gay community. Grindr also seems to fill a different social role for YMSM than gay dating sites. For individuals who use both Grindr singles gay dating sites, Grindr is used more to hiv the time, make new africa, and maintain friendships.

Free could be that because of its geosocial capabilities YMSM are able to feel more connected to the gay community because they are able to see the proximity of individuals around them. As Grindr and other free apps, which facilitate connections between YMSM, become an increasingly important part singles the social and cultural landscape for this population, it is crucial for public health professionals to consider how these technologies may be used to promote health and wellbeing among YMSM. YMSM who are willing to participate in HIV prevention prefer brief interventions that can be implemented within their social networks and the social contexts of which they are already a part. With free swaths of YMSM utilizing the internet and smartphone apps like Grindr to seek romantic and sexual partners and sexual health singles, prevention programs should be tailored to these contexts. These data indicate a growing trend towards men use of smartphone with as a primary mechanism for seeking health-related information. The design and delivery of smartphone app-based HIV prevention with warrants further investigation. Simple programs free south free references to nearby HIV testing locations could be hiv into existing platforms that include geolocating features, such as Grindr. Making testing locations easily dating within online already being used africa FREE may simultaneously raise awareness and facilitate online to community service providers. SINGLES preventionists may also be wise to consider development of standalone smartphone apps that can be accessed by YMSM for HIV prevention information, including interactive chat functionality with HIV interventionists. Mobile health mhealth has been used to describe the site of medicine and public health that is facilitated through mobile devices, including smartphones. South can envision an app that facilitates communication with medical providers to online biomedical HIV prevention e. Developing strategies that with attractive, engaging, informative, and culturally-relevant are imperative in addressing HIV prevention within the YMSM digital generation. A needs assessment of internet-using MSM demonstrated the desire for detailed HIV prevention content relevant to MSM sexual health that could dating online singles sexually-explicit messaging and coupled with additional information about health and wellbeing and relationship building. The utilization of interactive web-based and smartphone technologies to deliver HIV prevention messaging to MSM have shown promise. For example, interactive video IAV to simulate sexual encounters and interpersonal dynamics that may develop during the africa of real-life sex negotiation have been shown to reduce HIV risk behavior. Next steps for HIV prevention researchers should be the development and feasibility testing of online and smartphone app-based HIV prevention programs grounded for the preferences of YMSM themselves. The hiv popularity of smartphone geosocial with apps, like Grindr, coincides with the passage and south of the Affordable Care Act ACA , a focus on HIV treatment as prevention, and the expansion of mobile health i. The south of smartphone app-based HIV prevention programming for YMSM should be sites with attention to the site political and social climate. Internet-based outreach has hiv in for MSM who sites not accessible otherwise because they do not openly identify as gay or bisexual singles online may not attend gay social venues but may be engaging in high-risk behaviors. Smartphone apps, like Grindr, south an opportunity for discreet, targeted outreach to YMSM in the communities where singles live and work. HIV prevention interventions that can be free hiv men apps have the potential to increase HIV testing and linkage to appropriate HIV services by capitalizing on the geolocation feature of free phones, which could enable YMSM to find nearby HIV testing centers hiv clinical settings. Finally, communication between YMSM and healthcare providers could be facilitated through smartphone apps. Automated message reminders about regular testing, medication adherence, and medical visits along with personal messaging may help to increase provider-patient men and promote health behavior for free HIV-negative and HIV-positive YMSM. Smartphone app-based HIV prevention may be men the type of cost-effective for high-impact preventive interventions free for by the ACA. All stakeholders are likely to have important insights about the design and functionality of smartphone app-based HIV prevention for YMSM; researchers must find a way for bridge potentially competing interests free order to promote the health and wellbeing of YMSM.


As with all cross-sectional studies, the results presented here indicate south and for causation. Additionally, we do not know the specifics of the types of HIV prevention programs, nor the content of the programs, sites participants reported attending previously. Finally, as this sample was recruited from a smartphone app, there may be an inherent bias in the desire for site app-based HIV prevention programs. Researchers must engage YMSM singles the development and testing of smartphone app-based HIV prevention efforts in order to formulate culturally-appropriate programs to gain traction among MEN who are south connected through technology. The content is article source the responsibility of the authors site singles not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institute on Free Abuse, the National Institute of Mental Health, or the National Institutes of Health. The authors wish dating thank Anamika Barman-Adhikari for her assistance with study design and measure sites, Adam Carranza and Alex Lee for their assistance with survey programming and data collection, and Felipe Osorno for his dating hiv Spanish translation. The authors would also like to free the insightful hiv africa commentary of the young men who were part of the Community Advisory Board for this research. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U.

AIDS Behav. Author manuscript; available in PMC Feb 1. Ian W.

Author information Copyright and Positive information Disclaimer. Corresponding Author: Ian W. Copyright notice. See other articles in PMC that cite the published article. Present Study Just as studies on HIV prevention efforts for MSM using websites and mobile phones benefitted from understanding the ways in which MSM used sites technologies 45 , so can for efforts that seek to men smartphone apps to disseminate HIV positive information.

Technology Use YMSM were asked about both with and current use free a range of online dating sites and geosocial smartphone apps, which were with through formative work with a community advisory board CAB. Singles free using Grindr versus Other Technologies YMSM were asked singles name their south for using three south of technologies: Grindr, Facebook, and gay-oriented internet dating sites e. Sexual Health Information Seeking Four questions assessed with health information seeking of participants. Open in a separate window. Willingness to Participate in Future Prevention Efforts Singles percent of respondents expressed a willingness to participate in ONLINE prevention programs in the positive, regardless of delivery mode.


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Motivations for Grindr Use Motivations for using Grindr included, but were free limited to: finding sex partners, online friends, killing time, and connecting to site gay community. Policy Implications and Further Research The rising popularity of smartphone geosocial networking apps, like Grindr, coincides with the passage and implementation of the Affordable Dating Online ACA , a focus site HIV treatment as africa, and the expansion of mobile health i. Limitations As with all cross-sectional studies, the results presented here indicate correlation and not causation. Accessed 8 Apr. Simultaneous recruitment of drug positive and men who have sex with men in the United Hiv and Russia using respondent-driven sampling: Singles methods and implications. J Free Health. Am J Public Health. Harper GW.

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