Rhys is a respectful, happy and interested young man! He has clear goals, a volunteer job, and is studying Horticulture at TAFE.

Rhys, didn’t always feel this way, following four hospital admissions for deteriorating mental health and an over-dose of clozapine, he moved into Richmond Fellowship of WA’s (RFWA) Community Supported Residential Units in Busselton in June 2013. In the beginning Rhys struggled to maintain his living standards agreement and to identify recovery goals. Rhys also struggled with appropriate social boundaries and interactions with others and his relationship with his family was fractured.

Three months into his stay with RFWA, Rhys continued to misuse drugs and alcohol and had another hospital admission. Then things turned around. Rhys made a conscious choice to no longer use drugs and to enjoy drinking alcohol moderately. His key worker at RFWA walked alongside him to action his choice. Rhys was supported to establish a routine and structure in his life through morning walks, meetings, and volunteering at the Landcare nursery. His Key worker connected him to support to Forrest Personnel to find a job and to a dietician to improve his physical wellbeing.

Today, Rhys co-authors his notes, he goes swimming regularly, has improved his diet and joined a local gym. Rhys’ medication has been reduced and as a result he feels more energised and interested in connecting with people. He regularly contacts his family and in the future would like to relocate to Perth to be close to his grandparents and siblings.

Rhys is looking forward to a bright future.

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