Aboriginal Outreach Referral Form

This service will support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their families who are affected by mental health, alcohol and other drugs issues. Aboriginal Mental Health Practitioners will lead the service and support clients and families through a Cultural model that provides a holistic and strengths based approach to recovery.

Aboriginal Outreach Services will reach Aboriginal families who have never accessed MH/AoD services and/or who have stopped accessing services. A holistic experience of health and wellbeing is central to Aboriginal people - being healthy and strong encompasses physical, social, emotional, cultural and spiritual wellbeing. Staff will work within a Social and Emotional Wellbeing framework that recognises the historical and social determinants of health and the impacts of intergenerational trauma, grief, loss and exclusion.

The service will draw on the cultural determinants of health to build a person’s strength and ability, and cultural connections to Country, family, community, and self-identity, recognising that a multitude of complex issues are in operation for Aboriginal people and that improvements in the management and recovery of MH/AoD issues must involve a range of strategies.

Through a culturally secure model to develop culturally appropriate treatment pathways, we work to gain respect and trust among Aboriginal communities, increasing access to services for Aboriginal people as a result.

More information on each of these services is available on our website www.rw.org.au. If you require assistance in selecting the right service, please contact our Intake Officer at intake@rw.org.au or 1800 742 466.

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