SHARE event hvnMembers of the Hearing Voices Groups in Perth were invited to come together on 29th July for an event we entitled “SHARE”. This event had been in the pipeline for some time and it was very satisfying to see it come to fruition and be so well attended by group members from near and far.

SHARE event 2The theme for the event was very much embraced with a number of people volunteering to “SHARE” freely with the audience. We had offerings of Poetry, Music and narrative around peoples voices and their journeys.

The aim of the event was to help voice hearers recognise that they are not alone, that we are all part of a wider community, all with different experiences yet still connected sharing a common bond. We had a great cross section from many of the groups across Perth some of whom brought along friends and family and it was very rewarding to see people who had never met before in easy conversation over a very substantial lunch.

SHARE event 3The venue at Canning Eco Education Centre provided a peaceful and relaxed setting and after lunch people enjoyed the bush surroundings and spent time socialising with each other until we had to leave.

SHARE event hvn

Special mention should be given to Dean, Kristian, Brian and Rikki for their generous sharing on the day. We would also like to acknowledge Dr Georgie Paulik for taking the time to come and share a little about Perth Voices Clinic and the great work that is going on there.

One final big thankyou goes to Richmond Wellbeing’s Partners in Recovery for their generous funding of the day without which we could not have run the event.

We trust that everyone had a wonderful afternoon and hope that this may be a recurring event in the future

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