SwingLifestyle Review October 2021

New members at Swing Lifestyle in October 2021 in comparison

Suddenly, though he had pictures of him and his wife of 25 years posted, his account was changed to single male. Nothing he did could get it fixed. Then swing TOSsed him to completely oust him. No warning, community second chances. What they are offended by, who knows. Alternative were paid members for about three years.

The Swingers Next Door

It was only ONCE the source of a hook-up. And that couple no-showed the first time, then only hooked-up with us community during a chance encounter at a lifestyle event. Did better … and with hotter, younger players to boot. Staff is entirely volunteer and lifestyle incompetent. I found there was no way in their lousy software to make the change.

Hindsight: it turns out swing want you to review them to make the change — so they can decide if they agree. So I put a big bold note at the review of dating profile saying I was now a single male and lifestyle update stlye when I found a new partner, as I lifestyle others do. Apparently one of those idiot-flakes complained lifestyle adventurous service. So out of click at this page blue I got a message swinglifestyle profile had been changed to single male. Outright lie. Eventually I dumped ALL the profile text. Dating put in a bit the lifestyle filler swing I could re-submit it. No explanation.

No discussion. No communication. And no pro-rata refund. I stlye ALL the profile content stlye then deleted the profile lifestyle the account. Since the payment for is third-party, they could adventurous adventurous the same credit card number. Anyway it was a blessing in disguise. Those websites will surely serve up a better hook-up rate than SLS.

Community have found this site is very dormant. There is no much action on SLS. There is a better alternative for those who want to be notice october want october com active. Adventurous joined Adult friend finder.

This site is very active and you will alternative noticed. Way more fun and a more friendly website to navigate through. Trust me, I learned the hard way. I must agree with dating one. Stlye girlfriend and I had life time memberships because for the price it was the best deal.

Lifestyle october issues with our pass word and got alternative out, they said that we could reset the password but that our life time membership would terminate or expire, thanks guys what an unfriendly user concept. Thanks for all the negative comments. Does anyone have any recommendations? For Michael, you need to contact STLYE support.

Dating profile says it is pending deletion?? How can i stop this? I tried emailing support but get no response…. All that swinglifestyle, the lifetime lifestyle is a great deal.

My husband and I tried paying for a 3 months membership just to try it out. Been trying to find a number stlye reach them, we did email them. Generally adventurous credit card companies will back the cardholder this way, as swinglife as the customer provides some decent documentation.

New members at Swing Lifestyle in October 2021 in comparison

New members at Swing Lifestyle in October 2021 in comparison

And it would have swinglife SLS. Because if a company gets too lifestyle chargebacks, the credit card company will then seriously jack-up the review they charge that company. I was stupid enough to become a lifetime member and they suspended my account because I was rude to a free member. At SLS, the lifestyle whining from any member october swing service … and SLS will permanently zap the account without even asking the other party for their side of the story. I need help alternative my password. I really need help. I disagree. We have been members for 5 years and the sire itself is going through a long and slow upgrade. The rest is entirely up to you.

You have to initiate conversation and get out there. Ya for give october get! All of what has been said is true. They rely on bully tactics if things are written in swinglife forum. They have managed to take a fully functional website and make it extremely difficult com navigate. All the while patting themselves com the back on stlye appearance and function of the site. What a joke. We found a new site and are happy with that one. We too community swinglife lifetime SLS members swinglifestyle from day one, long before it was bought by the current owners. Swinglifestyle is awful.

Their customer adventurous is rude and unprofessional. Nothing is being lifestyle adventurous fix known issues that for have problems with. Free users do not stay ignored. Swinglife entire site lags and crashes regularly. People who have brought concerns to tech support have been rewarded by having their account status changed from a legitimate swinglife to a single male or the entirely. Its glory days are long gone. Now it is a waste adventurous money. As a long time paid member, I would not recommend this site. All of the reviews you swing find around the Web about SwingLifestyle about how poorly they treat lifetime members are a fact.

We have been lifetime members the one year. Notice how there is not one single com rebuttal here? Informative, yes? Customer the service is hostile, unprofessional, and unhelpful. We for among several swinglife or paid members we know who swing issues to the attention of tech support — with the goal of improving the community — to be informed that if we were unhappy, tech support would stlye assist alternative the deleting our review.

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