James Wild

In November 2019, Men’s Sheds of WA welcomed its new CEO James Wild. James joins us with a deep understanding of how Men’s Sheds can continue to grow over the coming years.

James has many years of experience in strategic, senior partnership, governance and stakeholder engagement roles. He has led teams in local and state government across grant-making, place and partnership management and in the provision of business advice and training. Throughout this time he also been the director of a private sector organisation in the UK, dedicated to improving people’s lives through mental health and wellbeing support.

Peter McEvoy

I began my career as a clinical psychologist helping people experiencing severe anxiety and depression. It was always important to me that my clients received the best quality of care and the best outcomes. With a passion for promoting mental health and wellbeing within my community, I pursued research to investigate how we can better understand, assess, and treat mental health challenges.

I believe that it is critical to integrate research within existing mental health services. Research helps us to ensure that these services are working for people, to understand for whom they are not effective and why, and to know how mental health services can be improved. I am motivated to ensure that everyone receives the support they need to flourish, whenever and wherever they need it.

Ensuring that mental health support systems have genuine impacts for our community has always been important to me.

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