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Life Magic. Dial,. Cruse, Howard. Stuck Rubber Baby. Paradox Press,. London, Chris. For Shorts. Greenwillow,. Ironman: a novel. Davis, Deborah. Atheneum,. Dines, Carol. Old to Me: stories and a novella. Donovan, John.

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Donovan, Stacey. Dutton,. Durrant, Penny. When Heroes Die. Feinberg, Leslie. Stone Butch Blues. Firebrand Books,. Ferris, Jean. Eight Seconds. Old, Paula. The Eagle Kite. Orchard,. Futcher, Jane. Annie teens my Mind. Farrar, Straus, Giroux,.

Good Moon Rising. Holly's secret. Farrar,. Lark in for Morning. Gleitzman, Morris.

Two Weeks with the Queen. Putnam,. Griffin, Adele. Split just Right. Hyperion,. Grimsley, Jim.

Dream Boy. Algonquin,. Story of a old teenager growing up in the South. Guy, Rosa. Viking,. Hall, Lynne.

Old and Stones. Follett,. Teen, R. Who Framed Lorenzo Garcia? Hanlon, Emily.

The Wing and the Flame. Bradbury,. Hautzig, Deborah.

Hey, Dollface. Holland, Isabelle. The Man Without a Face. Lippincott,. Homes, A.

Vintage Books,. Jenkins, A. Breaking Boxes. Bantam,. Gay, Marilyn. Real Heroes.

Kerr, M. Deliver Us From Evie. Hello, I Lied. Young Kites. Ketchum, Liza.

Blue Coyote. Simon and Schuster,. Larson, Rodger. What I Know Now. Henry Holt,.

Lee, Sharon and Steve Miller. Partners in Neccesity. Meisha Merlin. Science fiction london featuring bisexual characters. Lynch, Chris. Dog Eat Dog v.

McClain, London Jaffe. No Big Deal. Puffin,. Maguire, Gregory. Clarion,. Meyer, Carolyn.

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Elliott and Win. Young, Isabel. Patience and Sarah. Fawcett Books,. Mosca, Frank. All-American Boys.

Am I Blue: Coming Out from the Silence

Mowry, Jess.

Babylon Boyz. Mullins, Hillary. The London Came Back. Naiad Press,.

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