Adrian Munro

Adrian has worked in a range of primary health services including Hospitals, Private Practice and Community Health Care in Aged and Disability before moving into the social services sector and [...]

Maryanne Wilson

Maryanne is a qualified CPA, with a BCOM, Accounting and Information Technology Degree from Curtin University, who has worked in sport and the not-for-profit sector in Western Australia for over [...]

Dusa Tokic

Dusa’s career has evolved within the social science and public health sectors, which aligned with her core belief that everyone has the right to be heard and obtain what they want in life.  She [...]

Giselle Condos

Giselle has had an extensive career in healthcare initially starting out as a Radiation Therapist delivering clinical services and innovation in the field. Passionate for the business of [...]

Kathryn Piggott

For over 4 years Kathryn has been an invaluable part of the Richmond Wellbeing leadership team. An inquisitive nature plus a proficiency and profound skill in communications have enabled her to [...]