Mechelle Turvey

In 2022, Mechelle Turvey’s 15-year-old son, Cassius Turvey, was assaulted coming home from school. Tragically, the Noongar Yamatji schoolboy died of his injuries 10 days later. Cassius’ death [...]

James Wild and Professor Peter McEvoy

James Wild In November 2019, Men’s Sheds of WA welcomed its new CEO James Wild. James joins us with a deep understanding of how Men’s Sheds can continue to grow over the coming years. James has [...]

Dr. Bruce Robinson

A respected respiratory physician who trailblazed a vision to help redefine the way we as a community now view our fathers and father figures. Dr. Robinson brings insights into fostering mental [...]

Andrea Creado

With extensive experience and a master’s in human development, Andrea leads Ishar’s visionary journey. From volunteer to CEO since 2006, she’s adept at strategic leadership, community [...]