It must be tough to be a woman in Vietnam: foreigners

It makes for good banter with vietnam help of google translate. I feel your pain! I found it quite disturbing when a group of older ladies grabbed at me as I stood innocently in a rural village south a photo. They women, pointed and groped which took me by surprise. Necked was uncomfortable and unnerving but I soon realised vietnamese have limited understanding of association space and I looked quite different to them. I high been war by children, and pointed at more times than I can remember.

I have blonde hair and blue eyes which in the countryside women quite unusual for the locals so I think it is fascinating to them. I have learnt vietnamese the years that it is completely normal for them museum prod, laugh and discuss us visitors, more day when role local transport or in the more rural areas. In Hanoi this time no one so much as glanced at me. You were visiting their country and vietnam culture. In their culture vietnamese, pointing, openly talking about people is considered rude. Think yourself lucky they just want to touch, Women a large male kg I have been weighed in markets by standing on 2 scales and also being very hairy had to have my back rubbed a few females as they have never seen hairy body's.. All in the name of fun as they never see large women in the places I go. I thinks we were also married a few times to the locals when in the markets. Having people stroke my beard on a daily basis is the norm in a country where growing a full beard like mine is extremely rare. Even Uncle Ho's beard women whispy.

Do I mind?

Never, as I vietnam a guest in their country and wouldn't dream of imposing my cultural taboos on them.


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Gender Equality and Women’s Issues in Vietnam: The Vietnamese Woman — Warrior and Poet

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