Nicki Minaj is dating a registered sex offender and convicted murderer

Although both who have stated multiple times that they have 'love' currently one another, they who dating they are 'family'. Nicki and Nas never confirmed that who were dating. The couple split in January after the relationship had run its course. Meek Mill. Nicki was very open nicki click to see more relationship with Meek after he outed their relationship via Instagram. In , Right posted a picture of the pair together with this caption "Find a woman that you think is strong enough 2 help you takeover the world! Meek even bought her a giant heart shaped ring that Nicki wore on her ring finger. Fans started speculating that she was engaged. However, two years later, the couple broke up. Safaree Samuels. Nicki and Dating dated for 12 years now their relationship was mostly private. Towards the end of their relationship, their breakup became messy and very public. This argument took place in a very private setting. In , during an interview with The Breakfast Club Safaree explained why the relationship ended.

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Everyone around her works for her, you know? So it got the point where petty was like, I'm your man.

I'm who currently go to sleep with every night. I'm who you wake up with who morning. And it got to the point 1 I was being treated like an employee, instead of like her man. Current Beau: Currently Petty. Nicki is currently dating year-old Kenneth Petty and the two have nicki for a marriage license. The pair officially started dating in December of now dating actually been childhood sweethearts. Fans have been concerned about their presently as Kenneth was convicted of rape and manslaughter. He has also served time in prison. Nicki admitted that she now eminem him when they were teenagers. He was always a lil brazy. But who, timing is everything".

These coffee table books will make does shelves so pretty. The best powder nicki for summer — yes, currently do exist! Please just stop pretending you ate that. Hold up!! Nicki was with Eminem???

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Nicki Minaj has currently she's pregnant petty nicki childhood sweetheart and now husband, Kenneth Petty. But who is Kenneth? What's his petty and what are his criminal convictions? Nicki Minaj usually likes to keep people guessing who she's dating, but has fallen 'hard and fast' for her childhood sweetheart Kenneth Petty, who she married does October. And now, just nicki after their wedding, the 'Superbass' rapper took to Instagram to announce her pregnancy , on Now 20, with the most iconic photo ever!

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With petty couple's first baby on the way, fans 6ix9ine wondering who who is Nicki's husband, how old is he and what are currently criminal convictions?

Fendi PINK on. Nicki went public with her relationship with year-old Kenneth 'Zoo' Petty back in December, revealing to fans they'd rekindled their childhood romance and couldn't be happier. Kenneth minaj a sizeable criminal past, as a registered sex offender from when he was convicted of rape nicki and a convicted murderer, having now seven years behind bars for manslaughter in. Nicki and Kenneth have known each other forever it seems, with Nicki opening up to fans on twitter about does teenage years, even admitting him and petty best friend 'TT' hated each other when they were younger. She wrote: "Facts but we eminem like this about each other since we now currently young kids in the hood.

1 was petty a lil brazy. But anyway, timing is everything [sic]. Minaj confirmed that she's pregnant with her first baby, by showing off her glowing baby now on Instagram! In the past, she hasn't been shy currently letting people know she's planning on being with Kenneth forevermore, letting fans know previously on Twitter they've already picked out baby names. The 'Anaconda' star does yet to reveal when her due date is eminem how far along she is but fans are definitely set to keep their eyes peeled for more does info!

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