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The Hearing Voices Network WA (HVNWA) is a Richmond Wellbeing program and part of the global Hearing Voices Movement. HVNWA serves as a valuable resource for people living in Western Australia who hear voices and experience other unusual perceptions. The Network offers a place for the voice-hearing community to access relevant information, training, and support groups while spreading positive and hopeful messages about the experience of hearing voices and the acceptance of all individual differences.

HVN Group

How We Can Help

Hearing Voices Network provide a supportive community where individuals can share their experiences and coping strategies in a safe group environment. Beyond facilitating support groups, our primary emphasis is on advocacy and raising awareness regarding voices, visions, and other unique experiences. We endeavour to provide information to the broader community through education, workshops, and resources, all while fostering collaborative partnerships with other services to expand collective knowledge and support networks.

At Hearing Voices Network, we:

  • Encourage individuals to come together and feel safe in sharing their experiences and coping strategies.
  • Work collaboratively with other services to develop knowledge.
  • Provide support whilst making sense of your experiences.
  • Provide a safe space for voice hearers to come together and support one another.
  • Provide access to information via education, workshops, hearing voices support groups and resources.
  • Raise awareness and advocacy around voice hearing.
  • Assist in building a community of experts by experience and experts by profession.

Our Testimonials

Hear from staff and group participants


“The voices sometimes overwhelm me, but I always feel better when I can talk to others in the group. I thought I was mad but now I know it’s a normal thing to hear voices and have visions after trauma”


“I have attended the groups for years and have made many friends. I can talk about my voices without being judged or made fun of. I like the facilitators who share their knowledge and lived experience they understand us.”


“Through learning about my voices in the support groups and how they are related to my life experiences, I have come to realise they represent many unresolved emotions which I am working on. I feel much more comfortable with my voices and sometimes view them as helpful”


“As a mental health recovery worker attending hearing voices has been very useful to me as I have exposure and a better understanding of hearing voices and how it affects different people and how they deal with it. I can then use the knowledge when supporting other clients that hear voices.”

Mental Health Recovery Worker

“The groups have helped me learn about the voices and how to manage them better I no longer fear the voices but have some compassion for them.”


“As a support worker with a client with mental health distress, I find this group extremely helpful. It has also given me insight into my own daughter’s mental health issues”

Support Worker

“Talking about it (hearing voices) and not being judged. Knowing I am not alone and there is help out there.”


How to Apply

Step 1.

Fill out the referral form either online or by downloading the PDF.

Anyone can fill it out.

Step 2.

Email the completed referral to our intake team at hvnwa@rw.org.au.

Step 3.

A team member will contact you with details of support groups and will happily answer any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

The groups are free of charge and run at no cost to the consumer

No, our support groups don’t require any NDIS funding.

No there is no obligation to do anything other than respect the other group members. There is no obligation to speak or respond, you are welcome to come and just be present in the group.

Yes, you can bring a support person along if they are happy to participate as a group member, and the rest of the group are comfortable with this, we have many support people who attend weekly.

The groups run weekly and usually between 1.5 – 2 Hours in length depending on the size of the group. You are free to arrive or leave at any point during the group.

You will need to complete the referral form prior to attending the group for the first time, please contact the facilitator to organise this on 93508800.

Anyone between the ages of 14+Yrs. who have access to the Perth metro area. We have Youth specific groups catering for those aged 14-25 Yrs.

Our Locations

Find a Hearing Voices Group Near You

Interested in coming along to one of our Hearing Voices Support Groups?

Please contact hvnwa@rw.org.au to arrange an initial meeting with one of our team member prior to attending your first group.

Armadale HV Group
Dome Café
10 Orchard Avenue, Armadale
Mondays 10am – 11:30am weekly

Bentley HV Group
Richmond Wellbeing
29 Manning Road, Cannington
Mondays 1:30pm – 3:30pm weekly

East Perth HV Group
St Andrews Church
182 Bennett Street, East Perth
Tuesdays 1:30pm – 2:30pm weekly

Fremantle HV Group
RUAH Community Services
5 Norfolk Street, Fremantle
Fridays 2pm – 3pm weekly

Midland HV Group
The Colony Café
53 The Crescent, Midland
Wednesdays 1:30pm – 3pm weekly

Osborne Park HV Group
Osborne Community Hub
11 Royal Street, Osborne Park
Wednesdays 9:30am – 10:45am weekly

Waikiki HV Group
Dome Café
1-9 Gnangara Drive, Waikiki
Tuesdays 10am – 11am weekly

Youth HV Group
Cockburn Youth Centre – Cockburn Central
25 Wentworth Parade, Success
Fridays 2pm – 3pm weekly

Still have questions about our Hearing Voices Network?

We would love to hear from you, please call us on
1800 RICHMOND (1800 742 466) to chat with a team member.

Richmond Wellbeing takes your privacy very seriously. Any personal information collected is protected by Richmond Wellbeing’s policies and procedures. In the referral process, this includes your social, medical and psychological information.

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