Trauma Informed De-escalation is the new front line training for workplace safety and wellbeing.

Trauma-informed de-escalation training is critically important as it equips employees with the knowledge and skills to recognise and respond to signs of distress or trauma in customers/consumers with empathy and sensitivity.

By understanding the potential underlying causes of certain behaviours, employees can effectively defuse tense situations, prevent further escalation, and promote a safe and supportive environment for both customers and staff.

Additionally, it supports the well-being of frontline employees by providing them with tools to navigate challenging situations with professionalism and compassion, ultimately fostering a culture of empathy and inclusivity within the organisation.

As each training is run for your organisation, it can be customised to reflect relevant scenarios for your organisation.

Who should attend this training?

The training is designed for front-line staff working in the community in customer facing service roles.

It is an ideal program for state and local Governments, community service providers and private businesses with customer service roles.

If you have staff struggling to navigate challenging clients and customers, then this training is for you!

Paul Peacock

Paul Peacock is a passionate mental health professional who has a unique ability to incorporate music, media and creativity to empower, uplift and inspire. Paul has a wealth of experience delivering mental health training to community and corporate groups. Paul specialises in delivering training for professionals who work with groups presenting with an experience of complex trauma, mental health issues and alcohol and other drugs challenges. His trainings are consistently reviewed as “Excellent” with feedback praising the depth of his knowledge and ability to create a powerful learning experience. Paul develops and delivers customised mental health and education programs and is exceptionally skilled in building and facilitating effective outcome-based programs.

We work with you to run the training at a time and location based on the needs of your staff.

Duration: Full Day Session (7 hours, including breaks)

Maximum delegate number: 25

Cost: $2,000 per session. If required, venue hire and travel costs outside of the Perth Metro area are at an additional cost.

“Trainer was very engaging with real-life examples and experiences that gave new context to the training many hadn’t seen or thought of before, it was extremely valuable.”

“An excellent instructor and did a very good job at keeping everyone at ease and fostering an open dialog. He had no issues bringing up difficult topics and was always open to varying perspectives. “

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